Learn About Our UX Services

Who are UX consultants?

UX experts can come from various different disciplines. Aside from the (traditionally assumed) user interface design background, they can come from right the other end of the spectrum, a development background, all the way up to business.

There are a number of different skillsets in between. A true UX expert must be completely familiar with UX basics like information architecture, usability testing, and content creation, and business modelling.

Why UX consulting?

We at UIGuys are all about Product Design. Our UX Designers and Researchers work on digital products every day: from paper sketches, they eventually, through months- (sometimes year-) long processes, they get to pixel-perfect design, resulting in truly lovable products.

But they not only sit at their desks designing screens. They interact with and consult clients every day.

We often come across firms that already have a number of Designers, Devs and UX experts at hand, so outsourcing UX as a whole is not an option, however, they still feel the need for outside UX help. This is where UX design consulting comes in.


It is about the people after all and so talking to people and understanding them takes precedence with us.

Client Interviews

Apart from the brief, we get our client’s take on the project and through a series of dialogues, determine the goal and the heading towards it.

Market Research

An objective look at the industry in question and, importantly, at competitors gives us the insights to pave our train of thought.

User Interviews

User behavior observation, including their interactions with our in-depth use cases, coupled with our interactive discussions with them, drive the strategy towards our design.

Persona Creation

How well do you know your customers? If you’re like most of us, probably not as well as you should. One of the biggest mistakes marketers, product teams, and designers make is not developing a deep enough understanding of their customer’s needs and so making a lot of assumptions about how to solve for them. That’s why creating customer personas is so important.


We put the information collected to use so an outline is clear and a functional, interactive experience structure is defined, with user satisfaction guiding us throughout.

Information Architecture

We map the user journey and, to put it plainly, create a blueprint of the best user experience along with a proper content flow in place.


We give you a look into our idea with a pen and paper sketch detailing how we intend on guiding the user from start to finish.


The structure manifests into pages, and we establish a functional foundation to the design, minus the experiential aspects of it.

Interaction Design

Keeping User Vision in mind, we define the transitions and Pain-Point elements that make the interaction with the design interesting.


Now we add some color aka aesthetics to all that black and white and purely technical design to make it in-tune with the brand and intended experience.

Mood Board

Through a detailed stylistic guide, we look to invoke the right emotional response from users at various stages of their journey.

Visual Design

An effective website needn’t always be attractive. Keeping this in mind, we add visual elements to offer the correct user experience aligned with the respective business intent at each stage.

Usability Testing

We test to validate the entire design with an open mind, sometimes leading us back to the drawing board to rethink the architecture. We prioritize clarity in the user’s journey above all else.


Our multi-platform strategy towards optimum user experience, the kind we like, renders us proficient at web and app development, allowing for technology-first targeting of your consumers.


In-house and controlled-group user testing is a parallel process for us during development that makes our iterations many before the first demo reaches you.


The deployment comes only after we’ve vetted through all the kinks along with you, accommodating last-minute additions here and there until we are all convinced with the output—while keeping timelines in mind, of course.


You’ll learn all about the stages of the product design process, discovery, design and evaluation, as well as the principles of user-centered design and the UX tools and techniques you can use.

Come on our UX training course and you’ll learn how to do:

  • UX Research Methods and Planning

  • Prototyping

  • Data Analysis

  • User Experience Basics

  • Visual Design

  • Promoting UX Across Your Organization


Many of our clients have their own in-house UX design teams. From time to time, however, during research-heavy stages of their product development process, they run short of research capabilities.

This is where we come in the picture. UX studio offers on-demand user research and consulting.

Depending on your research need in a particular period, we offer flexible packages, tailored to your business and product.

The current stage of the product design process requires only a few user tests per week? Consider it done. But a few months from now, before a major redesign, you will need much more user insights? No problem, we will allocate the adequate amount of research personnel to help you out.